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  1. Young tellers, ages 8-18, participate in their local storytelling events in classrooms, libraries, and youth festivals throughout the year.

  2. Selected tellers submit an electronic video link audition to NYSS State Chairperson (or to Timpanogos Storytelling Institute) by the deadline set by your state. This date could be any time the previous year or up until the NYSS deadline, so check with your State Chairperson!

  3. State Chairs review submissions and nominate up to five finalists to represent their state for further review by the first Friday in March. Entries must be submitted with the proper entry forms that can be found at Timpfest.org.

  4. Eight to ten finalists are selected from potentially 250 youth who audition to represent the top youth storytellers of the year at the National Youth Storytelling Showcase. The Showcase is held in  early September in conjunction with Timpanogos Storytelling Festival & Conference.

  5. Torchbearers will be selected and receive invitations from Timpanogos to participate by early April.

  6. Only youth who are able to travel to Showcase should submit entries or audition. All who submit audition applications understand it is suggested that a parent or guardian travel with the youth teller, all at their own expense. Others may also attend at their own expense. There is no guarantee of scholarships. Dinners and other NYSS extracurricular expenses are covered for all Torchbearers.

  1. “Keep telling because it’s the enlightened faces that makes us want to go on with storytelling!”

  2. -Alma Rose Hoyos

During the year

  1. Participants will meet other youth storytellers. Youth tellers enjoy meeting and networking with one another as they find they have much in common with those who are doing what they do in other locations. Many young people have formed lifetime friendships with other youth tellers. Gathering with the best-of-the-best is an eye opening way to gain new appreciation for the art.

  2. Participants will have fun! Extracurricular activities and evening get-togethers will be planned and provided at no charge.

  3. NYSS youth will perform in area schools.

  4. All finalists will attend the youth track at the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference where they will receive top instruction in storytelling, writing, presentation and performance art.

  5. NYSS Torchbearers are invited to tell, the story they auditioned with, before a Showcase & Festival audience.

  6. Each performance will be recorded on DVD. The DVD will be available for purchase. (Plan early if you need to gain permission to tell a story under copyright. Written permission must be submitted to NYSS prior to submitting in March or the teller will not be permitted to perform the story.)

  7. The NYSS committee will make the recording of the Showcase available for parents, and others to purchase and review.

  8. Ambassadorship and performance skills of the NYSS youth tellers will be taught.

  9. The NYSS committee can alert each youth’s local festivals to let them know that they have talented youth available in their communities. Invitations could then be extended from festivals, but there is no guarantee.

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